Why choose Kybella®?

Oct 11, 2020 | Blog Tips

Kybella® is an FDA approved treatment that works by melting fat underneath the chin. It destroys fat cells to create a slimmer, younger appearance. Kybella® is different from other products and alternatives because it is highly studied as well as effective. Global clinical studies and patient ratings show that Kybella® dramatically reduces submental fat and tightens skin underneath the chin. Over 1,600 people have used Kybella® worldwide and have felt less bothered, self-conscious, embarrassed, and happier.


Kybella® Treatments also have no downtime or restrictions. The Kybella® procedure is virtually painless, although some patients may experience a slight burning sensation for only 10 minutes after the treatment. Kybella® injections can be done within a few minutes and have permanent results that last a lifetime.

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