Are We Plastic Surgeons’ Worst Nightmare?

Oct 14, 2021 | Beauty Tips, Blog Tips

I recently came across a TikTok video of a reasonably famous plastic surgeon who is comically known for doing “reaction” videos in response to other TikTok videos and sharing them across his platforms. So now, if you are to look him up in a search engine by throwing in some keywords such as “Titok, plastic surgeon, reaction,” he may pull right up.

Now I bring this up because I came across one particular video via Instagram, a video explicitly stating that he is against PDO thread lifts and that he does not recommend this procedure. The part I found entertaining was when he didn’t explain why he didn’t recommend it. Following this short clip, I dove into the comment section. As expected, there were copious amounts of different opinions, but there was also an overwhelming amount of the questions simply asking, “Why not?”. Seeing that the doctor made a statement without evidence to support his claim would have left any unaware patron wondering and asking, “why?”. You’d think that for someone who spends that much time making TikTok videos would at least include his reasons.

In my opinion, the answer was simple. PDO thread lift is an alternative option for those who are considering a facelift or such. However, it’s a plastic surgeon’s job to cut and operate. So yes, when medical aesthetics doctors are offering a much simpler alternative to going under the knife, it’s no surprise that someone in that competitive line of work wouldn’t exactly favour the alternative.

Here’s a quick rundown of a few factors to consider when weighing out the two options:

Surgical Face Lift – Costly procedure. According to the 2020 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost for a facelift will put a dent in your pocket of $8k. This does not include related expenses such as anesthesia and operating room facilities cost, fees, etc. You’ll also have to consider additional factors such as lengthy recovery and downtime, post-op visits, varying results (as someone who has gone under the knife – this part gives me the worst anxiety speaking from personal experience), and last, but not least: little to no benefits other than having excess skin cut away to pull and sow back together.

Although this extraneous procedure may make the surface look new and shiny for a while, there aren’t much more benefits to it than that. All you’re essentially left with is hardened scar tissue underneath the surface of your face. In my experience, I have found that the majority of people who have considered surgical facelifts or have had it done in the past seem to seek out PDO thread lifts as their next go-to solution, meaning – those who have gone under the knife still seek to get additional work done even after they’ve had a major procedure like a facelift. I’m going off an assumption that most people do not want to go under the knife a second or third time.

So here are some factors to also think about when considering PDO thread lifts:

Non-surgical Face Lift – Lower cost compared to a surgical procedure. An average of $1500-$2000 isn’t bad at all if you’re considering the upside of this minimally invasive procedure. PDO thread lift procedures give you instant results without any skin cutting, require no downtime, and the only recovery needed is to allow the swelling to subside. These threads dissolve over time, and as they dissolve, they build collagen while tightening up the skin. It is administered with local anesthesia, so there’s no need to be put under. Overall, you can expect to spend about 30 minutes to about an hour for this treatment with a physician who’s very well-versed and experienced in this procedure. And the more excellent news is, not only do you get your instant youth back, but you get to keep all your skin * smiley face*!

Now, as someone who has done both surgical procedures (rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty) and non-surgical procedures, I can appreciate both sides. I’ve been fortunate enough to have experienced PDO thread lifts firsthand to know that I will always opt for this procedure before I’d ever considered a surgical facelift. Again, I know that some people think it ridiculous, considering I’m still young compared to the typical candidate for facelift procedures. Still, at the same time, I can not stress it enough that everyone ages very differently, with consideration to one’s lifestyle, diet, genetics and overall health – that sometimes getting ahead of the problem usually seems to be an excellent approach to avoid circumstances like major surgical facelifts down the line. Like I’ve mentioned in another article about Botox being a preventative, I view this with the same principle under necessary circumstances.

So, getting back to my original thought – is there an undistinguished battle between plastic surgeons and aesthetic doctors? I believe it’s a good possibility – only in the sense that they’re somewhat competing to achieve and gain the same or similar objectives, just with vastly different methods and techniques. So, are our aesthetic doctors a “threat” when it comes to the issue of surgical and non-surgical procedures? Possibly. But I’ve only drawn this conclusion because of that particular TikTok video where the doctor shows his support against PDO thread lifts with, well… no evidence to support his statement.

In conclusion, it’s ultimately up to the candidate to look at all options for medical aesthetics, surgical or not. I’m just here to encourage those to seek out all options and go with the most suitable solution for them. I’m not here to persuade in any way which route one should go, but I wanted to share my personal experience to give a little bit of insight as a regular patron like yourself, looking for some guidance.

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