Your Skin Needs a Lot More Attention Than You Think

Oct 22, 2021 | Beauty Tips, Blog Tips

I’d have to say that my biggest regret ‘til this day is/was not giving my skin the attention it desperately needed. As someone who has a very long background in the cosmetic and product development industry, I have to say that I am pretty disappointed in myself and how I let my skin get to a very low level of maturing. I can’t stress enough how important it is to get ahead of our skincare game. The cosmetic and skincare industry recommends skincare regimens to be implemented as we turn into teens. Imagine the amount of regret I’m currently feeling now being in my late 30’s.

It wasn’t until recently that I dove in and started taking care of my skin and creating a religious skincare regimen for myself. It all started when I first began working with Dr. Ahmed Assif and his wife Nada of Ô de Rose Med Spa about a year and a half ago. What started as a simple Botox appointment turned into a whole operation to bring my skin back to life! And boy, was it a mission. The neurotoxins and fillers undeniably helped with the overall appearance of my face – they both helped iron out some mini wrinkles I had forming and added back most of the volume I had lost – it gave my face a smoother look in general. However, the one thing neurotoxins and fillers could not fix was my super enlarged pores and dark spots.

I’ve struggled with giant pores my entire life, and no matter what products I’d use to treat it with, I had no luck in minimizing them. Most products either dried out my skin or made them super oily, making the pores even worse. In addition, it often made any cover-up look cakey and disastrous than when I didn’t have make-up on. They ultimately made my skin look saggy, mainly around my smile lines, going up towards my cheeks and across the tip of my nose.

So, our first step was micro-needling. After that, anything Nada and Dr. Assif suggested I was on board with. It slowly progressed from there. And what I loved most about my experience in this skin-changing journey with them is that their treatment plan is not the same treatment every time. The procedures are instead customized to whatever your skin needs most at that same stage of progress.

After my two initial micro-needling sessions, we moved on to Erbium/Q-Switch laser, which zaps and breaks down dark spots. Dr. Assif noticed right away that I needed some help in this area. About eight years ago, I had a minor cooking incident where some rather hot oil splattered onto my face, resulting in some unsightly damages to my skin. It was about 3-4 treatments that I noticed the dark spots had drastically lightened and ultimately disappeared. It was worth every bit of minimal downtime I had after each treatment.

In between the micro-needling and laser treatments, we began with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), otherwise known as the “Vampire Facial,” which was made pretty famous by Kim Kardashian, as a procedure she indulged in regularly.

All these procedures jump-started my daily skincare routine, and I had realized that just because I was getting these treatments to improve the overall appearance and texture of my face, I also had the responsibility to upkeep and maintained my skin in between the treatments. But, again, these treatments are not a “one and done” kind of procedure. As our bodies and skin mature, they need continuous aid in keeping it balanced, so regular treatments, whether it’s once a month, 6-8 weeks, or whatever necessary treatment timeframe they recommend, is likely going to be our most significant lifeline when it comes to reviving our maturing skin.

After I began noticing the profound changes to my face’s texture, tone, and overall appearance, this motivated me to do my part. I’d splurge on skincare products and convince myself that there is no better investment than self-care with skincare. Today, I can’t complain. My skin is in pretty good shape, except for needing to catch up on some treatments that I am due for. However, because of all the attention my skin received initially. With my daily routine, getting treatment immediately isn’t necessary, and I am over the moon about this.

I have a daily skincare routine that consists of 9 steps every morning, and in the evening, I go about my eight steps. That 9th step in the AM is the sunscreen I put on daily, whether I step out of the house or not. This also includes drinking a gallon of water a day and munching on healthier snacks like fruits and veggies because what you consume internally will affect you externally. These are not myths.

In short, if you have been struggling with your skin, my suggestion is to seek help or consult with a professional. Each person has a different level of needs, and it should be addressed as necessary. Keep in mind that some skin issues can be connected to a deeper medical problem and should be looked at as so.

If you’re in Southern California and interested in speaking to the Doctor or Nada at Ô de Rose Med Spa about any of the procedures mentioned above and how they can help you bring your skin back to life, feel free to reach out!

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