Realistic Expectations with Medical Aesthetics

Oct 29, 2021 | Beauty Tips, Blog Tips

There is nothing like the feeling of a new look, a renewed boost of self-esteem and feel refreshed. Today, there are so many different options out there for beauty fixes, and with technology advancing every day within the medical aesthetic industry, there is no denying that aesthetics has become much more accessible in recent years. However, even with accessible services and “quick” beauty fixes also comes with “expectations.” Notice I’ve placed both words “quick” and “expectations” in quotation marks. Why? Because that is a very misconstrued concept, and that is what we have boiled it down to.

We, as consumers, are evolving with changes and adapting to quicker and easier solutions to make our day-to-day routines a bit more convenient. Most of us subconsciously have applied these principles across the board to anything we may consume. What many of us fail to realize is that most medical procedures are not like fast food drive-thru. Many of us would like to treat it as so, but I believe that isn’t the best way to approach medical aesthetic services for those new to medical aesthetics.

For example, in one of our previous articles, I discussed my thoughts on preventative care, explicitly referring to neurotoxins. The outline of the article is basically on why getting treated with Botox® early on could save a lot of headaches in the future (and I mean literal headaches too because neurotoxins can actually help with migraines and headaches).

I’ve suggested that earlier preventative care could be the key (like anything else) to longevity beauty because time and time again, we have many matured women and men who often seek… well, what seems like time travel. They want the deeply creased and decade-old wrinkles to completely vanish with just one push of a syringe, and I’d have to say that is one of the most unrealistic expectations we can harbour as consumers. It’s not different than any other health matter – If we don’t treat a health concern early on, what can we really expect? Our exterior health should not be treated any differently.

Can we expect to see a variety of differences and positive progress? Absolutely. But to think a few units of neurotoxins and fillers are going to instantly take you back 15 years before you leave the Doctor’s chair is a tad bit of a reach. I’m not saying that it isn’t possible, but what I am saying is that when the Doctor makes a recommendation towards one’s aesthetic goals, there’s only so much that can be done in just one visit most of the time, especially for more matured clients.

We should really think about contributing factors such as our personal lifestyles, habits, genetics, diets, etc. Some of these or all of these factors can play a massive role in our appearance. So, when the Doctor makes recommendations or suggestions for “do’s and do not’s” and perhaps even suggesting that it may take multiple visits to help reach our aesthetic goals, it’s essential to take these recommendations seriously.

Going back to the part about “expectations,” – We are all aware that procedures can be costly. A widespread misconception is that we expect instant gratifications and results as consumers because we “paid a lot of money for it.” Should we expect to see progress? Yes, but it is not to say that some goals may take time to achieve, and most procedures take a few days to a few weeks to really show results. For many people, medical aesthetic treatments are not “one and done.”  So patience is a must.

As someone who has struggled with deep creased lines under my eyes and across my cheeks my entire life (which most of us have), I can tell you first-hand that it took time for those lines to resurface with the help of dermal fillers and routine skincare regime. I’m personally going on 2 years of under-eye and cheek enhancements to help diminish the appearance of plunging lines across both sides of my face. A previous botched nose job deeply affected these lines, making them worse. Let me remind you that I’m 38 years old – Although they may never completely disappear, I can’t stress enough in telling you that I see a HUGE difference now from when I first started treatments. I essentially have zero forehead wrinkles, no sign of “crow’s feet” due to regular treatments for neurotoxin. I have little to no smile lines or drooping jowls due to previous treatment of PDO thread lift, and I’d have to say that I have pretty decent skin due to medical-grade skin treatments in addition to a religious daily skincare routine. Everything I’ve mentioned above took time. It may take several or regular visits to maintain and make progress to achieve the appearance we deeply desire. But also remember that we’ll have to be responsible for doing our part at home, whichever Doctor’s recommendations that may be.

Some fortunate folks out there have needed minimal treatments to achieve their desired goals, and I have serious envy. However, we all have very different needs, and the bottom line is that investing in ourselves is never a waste, and we should know by now that all things great take time.

If you’re starting to have concerns, seek consultations earlier on to weigh out your best options. Again, taking the self-care initiative sooner than later will ultimately save you money and less stress in the end. It is heavily encouraged to be straightforward and honest with our provider about what we want and our expectations of it all, but let’s be realistic as well.

If you have concerns and seek some help, feel free to reach out to O de Rose Med Spa.

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