PDO Threads vs. Sugar Threads: What’s the difference?

Dec 13, 2021 | Beauty Tips, Blog Tips

I’m sure many of you were a little confused by the term “sugar threads” once it began becoming a hitting keyword in the aesthetics world. I was too – only because I wasn’t sure exactly what it was and where it came from.

After I spent time through some critical thinking and research, it dawned on me that the term “sugar thread” was just a trending word to grab the attention of those who may be a little more health-conscious when it comes to artificial beauty. Long story short: sugar threads are PDO threads and PDO threads are very safe.

If you’d like a little more in-depth explanation, please continue to read.

As mentioned in previous articles regarding this specific subject, “PDO” is the acronym for the term “polydioxanone”. Polydioxanone sutures (or in this case “threads”) are commonly used in surgeries. These threads dissolve, making it ideal for surgeons or most medical Doctors to utilize.

As the procedure for non-surgical facelifts has grown in popularity, the marketing world “did its’ thing” by selling the consumers a “story”. A “story” is what most product/chemical companies in the cosmetics and aesthetics world introduces a concept that is much more marketable and consumable by our target audience. As an example, when a rep from a chemical company sits down with us to sell us products, they often refer to the products’ background process as a “story” – in most cases, its more or less of a guide for us (the business) in conveying a notable concept – a selling point, for our consumers to easily relate to – leading to the sales.

The idea of referring to PDO threads as sugar threads can be confusing to most, especially if you’re newer to the idea and setting off on some initial research. The term “sugar” is simply referring to the compound/structure of the PDO threads – because they dissolve like sugar. Not to mention that the PDO thread structure mimics the complex structure of sugar as well. So, the threads are not made of sugar. They’re just like sugar.

I’ve concluded that the term “sugar threads” began circulating because perhaps it sounds less intimidating than a chemical term like “polydioxanone”, which is agreeable that the majority of the target audience may be more favorable in consuming these products and/or services with a piece of mind that these threads will melt like sugar, leaving no negative or long-term effects in their bodies. It sure “sweetens” the idea of having surgical threads intentionally placed in your face, doesn’t it?

As someone who rides both sides of business/marketing and consumption, I do like the idea of the threads being referred to as “sugar threads” simply because it does easily resonate with the consumers. However, I’m also concerned that it may be confusing and misleading to majority as most people would assume that PDO threads and sugar threads are two very different things. I know I found myself quite confused and perplexed when I received a phone call asking if we offer the sugar threads rather than PDO threads. It seemed that the person who called me was just as confused as I was because there is no doubt, that I too, though they were two very different types of sutures. I thought “Did the industry release a new nanotechnology that our office didn’t know about?”. No. This was just a way for the world of marketing to put a nice spin on a product to sell easier.

In closing, I encourage anyone to do as much research about PDO threads as your heart pleases. While I’m all for this procedure, I can understand peoples’ concerns when it comes to implanting foreign sources into our faces for the sake of beauty. Again, these threads are safe and commonly used in medical surgeries. Ask your tending professional or Doctor questions and address all aspects of the procedure that may concern you, but don’t forget to ask about the additional benefits of this procedure as well.

Dr. Ahmed Assif of Ô de Rose Med Spa is one of the very first Physicians in the country to have introduced this method in the country – opting to have an experienced and skilled professional like him is always highly recommended to anyone considering non-surgical face lift with PDO threads.



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