HCG Diet: Does it work?

Dec 17, 2021 | Beauty Tips, Blog Tips, Body

How many diet and fitness trends have you fallen victim to? I definitely had my share. Growing up, I was the “meatball” of the family – always eating without hesitation. I still eat without hesitation, but now I’m a little more mindful and consider what I’m actually putting in place as far as my diet goes because I’m starting to see that it’s only going to get worse and harder for me to stay in decent shape.

With so many “fad” diets going and coming, it’s hard to keep up with what actually works. It wasn’t until recently that I was introduced to the HCG Diet as we began the lockdown during the start of the pandemic. I was told that I needed to be dedicated and disciplined on this diet in order for it to do the most it can for me. And boy, did it do the magic!

For those of you who are not familiar with the HCG Diet, “HCG” stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is mainly known to be a “pregnancy hormone”. But when injected, it can help reduce body fat dramatically. I would know – I lost 37 lbs over 2 months.

Here’s how  and what I did:

I initially started with 30 days of injections. This means I would inject myself first thing in the morning every day for 30 days. The first 2 days of the diet have got to be to EVERYONE’s favourite phase of this diet. The first 2 days are called the “loading” phase and it’s basically 2 full days of just eating everything and anything you want. Bread, pasta, cookies, cake and pies – you name it, you can eat it! I injected myself these first 2 days because the effects of the HCG has to kick in. Then Day 3 is the day you’re going to go to war with your demons… Day 3 is when you start your 500 caloric diet regimen and hope you won’t regret depriving yourself of all the goodies you typically crave. It’s going to be so difficult and as easy as this diet may sound, it is very tough. But I’ll tell you one thing – you won’t regret it. Especially after you see the weight just melting off without even working out. Exercise is actually not recommended while on this diet because the caloric intake is so low.

They say the average recommended daily calorie is about 2000 for women and 2500 for men. So imagine the caloric deficit you’re about to enter. In addition to this low-calorie regimen, you have to be starch and sugar-free during the entire duration of this diet. Meaning there’s a specific list of foods and portions this diet recommends and you really must stick to it as much as possible, along with your daily HCG injections for optimum results.

Trust me, I’ve had days where I wanted to just throw in the towel and give in to the carbs and sugar. But I knew I would regret it immediately. The plus side to this diet is that if you like fruits like strawberries, apples, vegetables, shellfish, white fish, chicken and some meats – this diet isn’t all too bad, especially when seasoning doesn’t typically count into those calories.

The one trick I taught myself on this diet in order to stay satisfied was to eat “empty calorie noodles”, otherwise known as shirataki noodles or yam noodles. These are super affordable at any Asian market and could help reduce your overwhelming hunger. I loaded up on veggies (as much as the portions would allow me per serving) my choice of proteins (either chicken, fish or meat) with my noodles and surprisingly made pretty decent and fulfilling meals.

A whole apple could be considered a meal. A handful of strawberries is a meal. 4 hard-boiled eggs is also considered a meal; I typically tossed the 3 yolks and only ate 1 as a whole while I ate just the egg whites on the other 3. This is what is recommended by the HCG Diet guideline as well.

I replaced sugar in my coffee with a sweetener like Splenda and added a tiny bit of almond milk to replace the creamer. I know, its just not the same but we need to make this work, right? So in the morning, I would drink black or green teas. After I’ve had my tea, I’d make myself some coffee to wake up a bit. Then lunchtime would roll around and I would then decide what I would have. I typically went for the veggies and protein meals and either opted for the hard-boiled eggs or an apple for dinner.

So the best tip I can give you is to stay off the scale. Weigh yourself on Day 1 and don’t weigh yourself again until either Day 14 or at the end of the diet. Here’s why: Although you can drop anywhere between an average of 0.5lbs to 1lbs per day, there are going to be days where you have not dropped any weight from the previous day, according to your scale. I made the mistake of weighing myself daily when I first started the diet and there were days where I thought the diet just stopped working and just about lost my mind over it. There were days where I’d wake up and was 3.5 lbs lighter than the day before and then a couple of days later where the scale wouldn’t shift for 2-3 days and it was very discouraging. So with that, I highly encourage you to stay away from the scale during the diet and just focus on staying on track of your daily injections and caloric intake.

At the end of my injections, I stayed on the 500 calorie intake for an additional 3 days after my last injection. I slowly then upped my caloric intake to 800 per day, then 1000 per day over 45 day period. I’ve stayed very close to the diet ever since.

I’ve put so many of my friends on this diet and it has been very successful. Yes, the weight can return, just like anything else if you don’t stay on top of things, but all in all everyone that has tried this diet has seen the results they’re happy with and even opted to do it multiple times to meet their goal weight. I was happy to see them loving their results and embellishing in their new confidence.

The HCG Diet isn’t for everyone, but I can say it has been one of my most successful weight loss favorites and encourage anyone to try it if you have it in you.

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