PDO Thread Lift (Sugar Threads) After Weight Loss

Dec 29, 2021 | Beauty Tips, Blog Tips, Body

One of my personal favorites is that clients opt for PDO thread lifts after shedding some weight. One has done all the hard work, now time to adjust and treat yourself!

For me, personally, the first place the weight comes and goes is on my face and it shows. When you have a smaller frame and that tiny bit of weight goes on, it’s easy to tell. Yes, this is coming from a place where we are all our own worst critics, but there’s no denying there are many of you who can relate to this.

My experience with fluctuating weight (on my face) has been both frustrating, but fixable. After weight loss, I noticed pre-jowls. As I’m nearing 40, maturing can be a big contribution to the signs of pre-jowls but factoring in the post weight loss also doesn’t help the situation.

So, are PDO thread lifts ideal for those who have gone through some weight loss? Absolutely. While we have other alternative treatments out there, PDO thread lifts may be the fastest and most non-invasive, non-surgical way to achieve the results you’re looking for. Most of us struggle with the “double chin” after weight loss – naturally. And depending on the professional performing this procedure and their techniques, they’ll be able to target that under-chin area and tuck it up, ultimately creating a smooth and more of a flattering jawline.

And to top that off, in some cases of decent amount of weight loss, you may achieve even better results when possibly adding fillers to really define that jaw area. Fillers are no strangers in addition to PDO thread lifts, especially if you’re experiencing volume loss all around your face due to weight loss or just aging in general. Not only would you achieve the look of being “lifted” but “sharper” as well, giving a much more youthful appearance.

If you want to go all in, then you may also want to consider asking for some neurotoxin for your masseter area. This is the thick cheek muscle at the top of your jaw on each side of the face. When you add neurotoxins to that area, the neurotoxin relaxes the muscle and helps slim the upper and widest part of your jawline. In my experience, consistency in doing this with neurotoxins in addition to PDO thread lifts has given me definition to the jawline I never knew I could achieve.

Let’s not forget the upper cheek area. As we age, volume loss on our face is inevitable. Weight loss can also contribute to this, kicking up that factor. If you are like me where the weight plays on your face like a fiddle, PDO thread lift with fillers for the area might also be ideal. While the PDO thread lift will initially give you fuller appearing cheeks, it goes down after the swelling subsides. To help keep that appearance of fuller cheeks, ask the practitioner about adding fillers if they have initially suggested it. Little goes a long way and would make a big difference – again, giving you a much more youthful appearance

Ideally, PDO thread lifts should be done every 2 years for most people. Results vary for everyone and expectations should be realistic. For most, the change and transformations after PDO thread lifts are subtle but will have an immediate impact.

Keep in mind; most practitioners have different methods and techniques when it comes to PDO thread lifts. In the case that one is trying to target and lift the under-chin, especially after some weight loss, you should seek someone who is very skilled and that has many years of experience with their techniques in being able to target and achieve those results with ease. Dr. Assif is not only known for being the first physician in the country to have started performing this procedure, but is also known for this very unique techniques and skills in being able to eliminate those trouble areas around our face after a successful weight loss journey.

Also, remember to ask if there are other alternatives to PDO thread lifts and fillers during your consultation. Establishments like ours at Ô de Rose Med Spa offers options such as Ultherapy, which is a great alternative if you feel that PDO thread lifts or fillers aren’t right for you. The combinations of treatments are endless…

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