3 Reasons For PDO Thread Lift (Sugar Thread) In Your 30’s

Jan 19, 2022 | Beauty Tips, Blog Tips

I believe most people have a misconception that one has to be a minimum in their 40’s to start treatments. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

As mentioned in previous articles, I’ve shared my personal reasons for why I’ve had PDO thread lifts done at the age of 38. Honestly, I wish I could have done it a year or two sooner, but I’m certainly not complaining about the current state and result of my procedure. If anything, I’m beyond glad I got ahead of my future “problems”. I believe I got ahead of potential issues by having my face treated with preventatives – starting with neurotoxin at the age of 33, which I also think I got a late start on as well.

So here are my top 3 reasons why PDO thread lift in your 30’s can be ideal:

1. Get ahead of the issues

PDO thread lift is a great way to prevent any minor “sagging” from getting worse. If you’re already noticing some volume loss and laxity on certain areas of your face, it’s a great time to address those issues ASAP. Why? Most do not view this procedure as a preventative, mainly because, again, of the misconception that it’s a treatment that should be done with the damage that has already occurred. But like any other health issue, the longer we prolong treating it, the worse it can become over time. And before you know it, we start to see visible lines and sagging we just didn’t notice before. Preventing these issues from becoming a bigger concern is key. You should find no shame in wanting to treat them because gravity and ageing do not discriminate. Getting an early start may even keep you avoiding fillers for a long time.

2. Building collagen

I began noticing volume loss about 2 years ago. My plump cheeks were deflating and began noticing obvious pre-jowls from a combination of weight loss and just ageing in general. I was losing shape I had once had very drastically. On the upside, the awesome benefit of PDO threads is that, not only do they lift, but the threads dissolve and your body begins to build back collagen. This is another great way to stay ahead of avoiding the loss of collagen and volume loss that leads to the laxity of the skin.

3. Obvious reason

Youth – to keep people guessing if you’re in your 20’s. Why not? I personally would not be a fan of people assuming I’m older than I really am. I mean, who is?! PDO thread lift procedure is the type of treatment that gives you the youthful appeal you’re seeking without looking like you’ve had a major procedure done with an unaffordable downtime. Let’s face it – most of you have children, a full-time career and a household to help manage and the last thing you need is a 2 – 4 week recovery time. In addition, worrying about how all of the day-to-day routines are ageing us slowly is also not on anyone’s priority list.

For those who are in their 30’s and have thought about PDO thread lifts but chose not to go through with it because you felt it was too premature, I would say give it a second thought. PDO thread lifts have no downtime, no occurring of deep scar tissues (unlike surgical facelifts) and benefits of building back collagen and tightening the skin over time. I’ve had people repeatedly ask me why at my age I would get a facelift done – and the answer is simply because I wanted to. I wanted to save myself the trouble of going through the emotional distress and agony of worrying about the fine lines that got deeper over time and the skin that just won’t bounce back and wondering if I could have done something sooner. I’ve met so many women and men who candidly share their emotional concerns and the negative effects the signs of ageing had on their mental health. Although this may not be an alarming ordeal to some people, it does affect everyone in different ways. I will admit that I have deep envy for those who are wholeheartedly embracing their process in ageing and I wish I had the courage to embrace my ageing the same ways. But I’m a big believer and doing what I feel is best for myself when it comes to my physical appearance so I have chosen the path of PDO thread lifts, regardless of outside judgement! So, for those of you who are afraid it might be too early, I encourage you to research all your options, do what feels necessary for you, in whichever way may keep your self-esteem elevated! And just remember, its never too early (or too late) for self-care!

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