Botox: Slimming Your Jawline

Jan 26, 2022 | Beauty Tips, Blog Tips, Body

Most people are under the impression that neurotoxins, such as Botox™ & Jeuveau™ for example, are simply used for paralyzing the muscles in your forehead to prevent one from forehead wrinkles. Well, we’re happy to inform you that neurotoxins can do more than just that!

Neurotoxins have been widely used for sweaty palms, ridding of migraines, brow lifting and more. But if you have struggled with a wider and rounder face as I have, neurotoxins to your masseter muscle may help you gradually slim down your jawline. The masseter muscle is power and superficial quadrangular muscle that’s along the lateral surface of your mandibles (the upper and widest part of your jaw). About 30 units of neurotoxin are injected into each side of the face to help retain and relax those muscles from naturally expanding outwards, especially when you smile, giving your face a slimmer appearance.

In my personal experience, I’ve noticed my jaw began getting slimmer and slimmer over the past several years of getting neurotoxins injections to my mandibles. My face is naturally round, but smiling made my face appear even wider, sometimes making me look and feel like I have a “chubby face”. It wasn’t until about 6 months in after I initially began receiving Botox treatments that I learned of injections to the mandibles. This was a game-changer. In fact, it was my cousin who introduced me to this treatment – I was aware she had some work done but also noticed that her face was a nice “diamond” or “triangle” shape. I’ve always known her face to be a little round like mine, and if anything, her jawline was one of her dominant facial features so it was to my surprise when she revealed that she had been receiving neurotoxins to the masseter muscle for a couple of years at that point.

Another reason why I love this particular procedure is that it also may help with TMJ. While most aesthetic Doctors will inject for aesthetic purposes only, it surely helps if you’re experiencing tightness and constant clenching of the jaw. So, if you’re getting treated for some mild TMJ with neurotoxins, you may notice that your jawline may become slimmer over time. This is an extra perk, especially if you’re ok with the possible outcome. But make sure to discuss this option with your physician and seek their suggestions as to what may be best for you.

If you have been considering an affordable way to achieve the look of a slimmer face, this would be a great way to start. Not only would this treatment help you over time, but it won’t break your bank and leave you with stitches along with a lengthy downtime, unlike any surgical procedure.

The speed to the results is different for everyone, but you should begin to notice changes between 7 to 14 days. And how often should you get it done? Perhaps every Botox appointment you go to (every 3-4 months) may be ideal. Some may require the treatment more frequently such as in between main Botox appointments, but for myself personally, I ask for the injections to my mandibles at each appointment I attend to make sure I maintain it.

Injections to the masseter muscle is also a great option to include in addition to PDO thread lifts procedures for the jawline. This combination is one of my personal favourites. While the PDO threads do the work of lifting and tightening up the jaw and neck areas, the neurotoxin does the job of helping narrow down that widest part of the upper jaw. Though it takes 4-6 weeks to see the full results of the PDO threads, you should notice the changes to the mandible area as the swelling and tenderness subsides.

Keep in mind that neurotoxin treatments are not permanent but with consistency, you can maintain the appearance and results may gradually become long-term as long as the treatments go on. Make sure to ask your physician or injecting nurse if you’re an ideal candidate for this and how often they recommend treatments to fully achieve the appearance you’re going for.

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