Aquagold® Fine Touch

What is AquaGold®? AquaGold® Fine Touch is a micro-channeling device that plumps, refreshes and rejuvenates the skin. AquaGold® is made of an amazing anti-aging cocktail that creates glowing, radiant skin; and it is completely painless.

Realistic Expectations with Medical Aesthetics

There is nothing like the feeling of a new look, a renewed boost of self-esteem and feel refreshed. Today, there are so many different options out there for beauty fixes, and with technology advancing

Your Skin Needs a Lot More Attention Than You Think

I’d have to say that my biggest regret ‘til this day is/was not giving my skin the attention it desperately needed. As someone who has a very long background in the cosmetic and product

Are We Plastic Surgeons’ Worst Nightmare?

I recently came across a TikTok video of a reasonably famous plastic surgeon who is comically known for doing “reaction” videos in response to other TikTok videos and sharing them across his platforms. So

Botox® Is Preventative – Could It Be Too Late For Some?

Before diving into this article, I would like to disclose and mention that Botox® is a registered trademark/name for a neurotoxin owned by Allergan. I’m often at the receiving end of getting chuckled at

PDO thread lift vs Ultherapy®

PDO Thread Lift: (PDO) or Polydioxanone threading also known as Sugar Threads is defined as a non-surgical procedure used to revitalize sagging skin. It’s regarded as an effective treatment procedure to lift your loose

PDO (Sugar Threads) Thread Lift or Kybella®?

PDO Thread Lift (Sugar Threads) or Kybella®? Beauty is an aspect that is coveted by every human being, and we desire to have stunning looks. As a result, most people will go to great

PDO Thread Lift (Sugar Threads) or Sculptra®?

For many years, the only option for body contouring was plastic surgery, whereby fats from the body were transferred to certain parts of the body, such as butts. Similarly, plastic surgeons would do implants

PDO Thread Lift or Botox® ?

Ageing is inevitable for everyone. As we age, the skin naturally sags and wrinkles. Some people get rid of the wrinkles by tightening their skin, a process known as a facelift. Traditionally, people did

Is PDO Thread Lift Worth It?

As much as ageing has no cure, there are various ways of enhancing a person’s look even as they age. If asked, many people would opt for a facelift. Having wrinkles and sagging skin

How does PDO thread lift work?

What Is A Skin Ceuticals?

SkinCeuticals offers a variety of advanced, award-winning skincare products that are recommended by professional doctors and physicians. SkinCeuticals has been recognized worldwide for its effective formula as well as amazing results. What is SkinCeuticals?

Silhouette Instalift

A NEW Way to LIFT Sagging Facial Contours! We have recently introduced Silhouette InstaLift®. This breakthrough facial rejuvenation procedure lifts sagging facial skin without the need for surgery or general anesthesia. It is a

What is Jeuveau®

Jeuveau®, also known as Newtox, is the latest alternative to Botox® and Dysport®. This FDA-Approved treatment has been developed to improve the appearance of frown lines as well as wrinkles. Jeuveau® is the newest

HCG Weight Loss Program

HCG, also known as human chronic gonadotropin, is a natural protein-based hormone that is used for dramatic weight loss. The HCG diet works to boost metabolism and eliminate significant amounts body fat in a

What is Botox® and Dysport®

Dysport® and Botox® are types of Botulinum Toxin Injections. These two injections are primarily known for their prevention of wrinkles, but Botox® and Dysport® can also be used to treat muscle spasms and other

What is Sculptra®?

Sculptra® is an injectable filler that is used to restore volume in various areas of the body. This FDA-Approved treatment works to produce collagen, increase volume, and reverse signs of aging. What is Sculptra®?

Why choose Kybella®?

Kybella® is an FDA approved treatment that works by melting fat underneath the chin. It destroys fat cells to create a slimmer, younger appearance. Kybella® is different from other products and alternatives because it

What is vaginal rejuvenation

Would you like to improve your vaginal health, appearance, comfort, and function? If so, Vaginal Rejuvenation is the answer for you. Ô de Rose Med Spa offers painless non-surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation treatments to help

Biote: Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Ô de Rose Med Spa’s mission is to help men and women age healthier and live happier. As a Certified Biote Medical Provider, we offer treatments that have been developed to cure several issues

What is Microneedling with Radio Frequency?

Radiofrequency microneedling is a non-invasive treatment for skin rejuvenation. This procedure combines Fractional Radio Frequency technology with microneedling to eliminate sagging, wrinkles, fine lines and scars for beautiful, healthy, youthful skin.    What is

What is Carbon Dioxide Fractional Laser Resurfacing?

Carbon Dioxide Fractional Laser Resurfacing is the most powerful form of technology in skin rejuvenation for the whole body. Ô de Rose Med Spa has been widely recognized in Orange County for our advanced

What is a Non-Surgical Face Lift?

PDO NovaThreads are an improved alternative to surgical facelifts. This treatment is minimally invasive, with very little downtime and immediately visible results. NovaThreads tighten sagging tissues in the upper and lower face to reduce

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