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Southern California Private Medical Spa

We are a private, anxiety-free medical spa in Tustin, CA. Our services focus on conservative, minimally invasive procedures that produce stunning results. You can expect customized treatments that specifically lead to optimal, long-lasting results.

Our medical director, Dr. Assif is a hands-on doctor dedicated to enhancing and rejuvenating your appearance without sacrificing your natural characteristics. With a board certification and many happy patients, Dr. Assif is one of the most sought-out doctors in Orange County.





Your Beauty Destination in Orange County

When you choose Ô de Rose med spa, you’ll get the best care for your health and beauty. With our welcoming environment and friendly staff, you’ll feel comfortable taking the next step to living a confident life. We are experts in the services we offer below.

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SKIN tightening: co2 laser, erbium laser, microneedling rf

Weight Loss

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Self-Care is Beautiful

A fresh new you is just a call away. Take a look at some of the services loved by our patients in the OC

Reveal beautiful plump lips and cheeks with our expert filler services. Say goodbye to small features and wrinkles, and say hello to an alluring, youthful look.

Bring back a healthy glow with our skin tightening services for sagging and aging skin. Never worry about your looks again.

Achieve the desired shape of your nose without the pain or expense of surgery with our nonsurgical nose job fillers.

Dedicated to Rejuvenation

Our expert staff is trained to help decide which services are best for you. When you come into our Orange County med spa, you’ll receive a consultation from our board-certified doctor.

From Our Rejuvenation Blog

IV Therapy: The Latest Technique Glow Your Skin From Within and Boost Your Health

IV Therapy for immunity boost has been gradually gaining popularity for some years now. The exclusive treatment has also been trending in the beauty world due to its magical impact on the skin. IV Therapy also referred to as IV drip, is the administration of nutrients and vitamins into the bloodstream through injection for instant absorption and use by the body for faster results.

IV therapy is a quick method to deliver nutrients directly into the body for instant absorption. It bypasses the digestive process, which may take longer for the nutrients to get into the body. Many treatment facilities have been using IV therapy to treat dehydrated people and sick patients suffering from poor eating habits.

Presently, IV therapies are used to boost vitamin deficiencies and treat dehydration and body rejuvenation. IV therapies are tailored to meet your precise health essentials to ensure that you’re fully content with the outcome. At O De Rose Med Spa, we are excited to offer customized IV therapies to boost and restore your overall well-being.

How does IV Therapy help your body?


IV therapy is a fast way to boost your body’s nutritional requirements. The vitamins are absorbed directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the long process of going through the digestive process. IV therapy can benefit your body in the following ways:


  • Enhanced vitamin absorption

Some people may have absorption problems, especially if they have underlying medical conditions or are under medications that can interfere with your body’s functionalities. The vitamins are quickly absorbed into your bloodstream through IV therapies, allowing your body to use them instantly.


  • Keeps of the effects of environmental toxins: 

Our environment is full of toxins that can adversely affect your health. IV therapy delivers the required antioxidants directly into your bloodstream to keep off signs of premature aging. IV therapy aids your body in successfully flushing out all the harmful toxins from your body.


  • Energy boost: 

IV therapy can instantly boost your immunity and help you overcome the fatigue associated with some diseases such as common colds, respiratory diseases, depression, or other chronic illnesses.


  • Prompt rehydration

IV therapy is the most effective technique to give your body the best hydration to support your vital organs. It can help prevent health problems such as kidney stones, bowel movement difficulties, and muscle damage.


  • Anti-aging:

IV therapy replenishes the cells, reduces natural aging, boosts energy and overall skin complexion.


  • Faster treatment times:

Most IV therapies take less than one hour; therefore, you don’t have to wait for hours for your treatment to be complete. All you need is to walk in a treatment facility and enjoy the process as you relax in a conducive environment.


IV Vitamin drip and skin rejuvenation

vitamin drip and skin rejuvination being done

IV vitamin drip is rich in vitamin C and glutathione, a powerful antioxidant. Due to its detoxification strength, glutathione can be used to revitalize skin that has been dulled and affected by sun rays and other skin irritants.

The vitamin drip has a mixture of class B vitamins and minerals, zinc, magnesium, and selenium. Both Vitamin B and C works wonders on young skins while selenium neutralizes the free radicals and destroys damaging compounds before they cause wrinkles on your skin. In addition, magnesium acts as a muscle relaxer to avoid deep skin wrinkles and folds.

IV Vitamin drip can also improve your skin texture since it has compounds that have the power to improve your skin’s tone and restore a youthful glow.


What is the duration of IV Therapy sessions?

The duration may vary from one person to another since people have different requirements and absorption rates. But on average, sessions can take between 30-90 minutes. With regular treatment sessions, you can achieve lasting effects within a short period.


How frequently should I get IV therapy?

IV therapy takes place in minutes, and you can feel the effects almost immediately. Many people walk out of the treatment room feeling revitalized.

The frequency of IV therapy administration will depend on your unique needs and wellness goals. Most therapy plans schedule weekly and monthly appointments to allow the clients to reap the procedure's benefits. Our IV therapy specialists will assist you in developing a customized plan that will perfectly suit your needs and goals.

If you seek to boost your immunity, you can have IV therapy regularly. If you're seeking to reap other benefits such as anti-aging IV and detoxification, you will need to have various sessions to achieve the results. Our therapists will discuss with you to craft an ideal plan during your appointment.


Does IV Therapy have any side effects?

Vitamin IV therapy has a lot of benefits in boosting your immunity and physical well-being. When it is administered correctly by an expert, you should not experience any side effects or discomfort. However, IV therapy can cause some side effects to some people, as with other medications. Therefore, it is very important to receive the treatment from a qualified and experienced professional who will closely monitor how your body reacts to the treatment.

Some of the common side effects with IV therapy may include:

  • Redness or soreness around the injection site
  • Inflammation and bruising of the veins
  • Rashes
  • Infection on or around the injection site
  • Blood clots

IV Therapy: Is it the right one for me?

iv drip

IV therapy has many benefits to your body, such as an immunity boost, but you don’t have to be sick to enjoy the benefits. You can have the therapy as a treatment or incorporate it as a routine procedure for your body’s overall wellness.

Our team of experienced therapists can develop a personalized treatment plan to meet your unique needs.

IV therapy is a minimally invasive procedure and can be given to anyone between 18 to 70 years. Before undergoing the procedure, it’s advisable to inform your doctor or healthcare provider with conclusive medical history health and inform them whether you suffer from allergies.

IV therapies come in many forms, and some may not be appropriate for you. Besides, some are not safe for pregnant or lactating mothers. Therefore it’s good to talk with your doctor and learn more about the ideal infusions for your body.

To discover the most appropriate IV therapy for your body, you can contact our experts today at O De Rose Med Spa. We are eager to hear from you, meet you, and assist you in choosing the right Vitamin drip to boost your immunity and improve your overall skin glow from within.

Call us today and book an appointment and experience a new you through our exclusive IV therapies procedures.


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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a non-surgical technique to remove all the unwanted hair from your body. Though the procedure doesn’t guarantee permanent hair removal, the results may last longer than other hair removal methods. The procedure can be carried out on any part of your body that you need your hair removed. The most common areas are:

  • Armpits area
  • Chest
  • Face
  • Bikini line
  • Legs
  • Back

Laser hair removal is a very convenient option if you don’t like the other hair removal techniques. Some procedures such as tweezing and waxing are painful and may cause damages to your body.

Laser hair removal has become a standard procedure presently and has gained preference to many people. The treatment can be performed on men and women regardless of their age.


Laser Hair Removal: Benefits, Side Effects, and Cost

The hair on your body can sometimes be an issue of concern, and some people would even wish they didn’t have it. In addition, shaving, waxing, tweezing to remove the unwanted may not be a lasting solution since the hair tends to come back within a few days or weeks!

Laser hair removal is an effective option for removing unwanted hair, saving you the money and the time of visiting a beauty and treatment spa regularly.

There are many benefits associated with laser hair removal, which may include:

  • It’s precise. Laser hair removal is a speedy and convenient procedure compared to other hair removal methods. If you have rough or coarse hair, the procedure leaves the skin around the treatment unharmed. The pain and extreme redness that occurs with waxing and other hair removal processes doesn’t occur with laser procedures.
  • It's a speedy procedure. The laser procedure takes a few seconds to work on a lot of hair simultaneously. Every laser pulse takes approximately a second to clear hair from a large part of your body.
  • It's a long-term hair removal solution for the majority of the people who love the procedure. In some isolated cases, a person may need a touch-up after some months or years. In the long run, you will notice a significant reduction in hair growth which will be easier to maintain.
  • It's cost-effective because you don't need to visit a beauty spa regularly to have the hair removed compared to shaving, tweezing or waxing.
  • Minimal pain during treatment. If you are sensitive to pain, the practitioner can apply some ice packs before and after the procedure.
  • Reduced risks of ingrown hair. Some people may not experience any hair regrowth in the treated areas.

Side effects of laser hair removal

The laser hair removal technique doesn’t have severe or lasting side effects. The following are some of the side effects that you may experience after laser treatment:

  • Redness around the treatment area after one or two days.
  • Numbness
  • Blisters
  • Swelling
  • Scarring
  • Herpes outbreaks

At O De Rose spa, laser treatment is performed by an experienced and professional team that ensures minimal risks during and after the procedure.

Cost of Laser hair removal

The average treatment cost for laser hair removal is estimated to be between $250-400, but it may vary from one facility to another. Also, the cost depends on the number of treatments required, the parts of the body the removal will be carried out and the person performing the treatment.

It’s always advisable to talk with experienced cosmetology professionals to know whether this procedure is the best for you. They will help you understand the entire procedure, the costs, benefits and whether this is the best hair removal treatment for you.

Laser hair removal treatment

[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="7632,7633"]

Laser hair removal treatment involves laser light travelling down the hair shaft into the hair follicles. The laser heat destroys the hair follicles around the treatment area that hair cannot grow from the follicles. Laser hair treatment reduces your hair quantity, and in some cases, the hair may grow again over time though it may be smooth and lesser than before.

All the subsequent laser treatment sessions are evenly spread out to avoid excessive stress on the skin. Though hair may grow again, it appears thinner and more refined than before the treatment.

It’s always good to have a sitting with our skilled laser practitioner, who will guide you through the entire process to be sure of what to expect.

When you walk into our treatment room, our care provider will:

  • Clean the treatment area.
  • Give you protective goggles to put on during the procedure starts.
  • Treat your skin with a laser. The treatment may take minutes or hours, depending on the size of the treatment areas.

After the laser treatment, you may feel some minor pain on the skin. The treatment area may also appear reddish or swollen, and you can use cold compresses to relieve the pain and soreness. You should not expose the treated part to sunlight.

Laser hair removal preparation

After a thorough consultation and you now feel ready for laser hair removal treatment, it’s advisable to shave the areas you need the treatment 2-3 days earlier. This is because the procedure can’t be effective on areas with long hair. Don’t wax or tweeze the body parts that need laser treatment before on in between the treatment period. Also, it would be best if you avoided tanning weeks before the laser treatment because it can make the procedure less effective and result in adverse reactions.

The treatment parts should not have any makeup, sunscreen, or lotions during the laser. If you apply prior, inform the laser treatment practitioner to wipe or clean the area before the treatment begins.

Laser Hair Removal: Is It Really Worth It?

You know how annoying it can be shaving hair, and it grows back in days. Besides, waxing or tweezing is a painful experience, and you will still have to shave your unwanted hair again in a matter of days or weeks.

Laser hair removal is a technique that damages targeted hair follicles by using powerful heat from the laser. After a few laser treatment sessions, you don’t need your shaving razor again or regular waxing appointments.

The treatment is not a permanent hair removal procedure, but it can dramatically reduce the amount of hair growth on the treated body parts. Some people may notice decreased hair growth or very fine hair than the original hair, while others may not experience any hair regrowth.

The laser hair removal process can be carried out on any part of your body, such as the chest, back, face, underarms, bikini and many more. The procedure is less painful than waxing, and the practitioners can apply some ice packs to numb the treatment area before and after the procedure. The pain will gradually decrease as your continue with your treatment sessions, and eventually, your hair will become thinner and more refined.

The differences between IPL and laser hair removal

[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="7634,7635"]

Many people out there don’t have a clear understanding of laser hair removal and IPL. Both technologies use light and look similar, but the treatment procedures and the results are different.

  • Intense Pulsed Light or IPL is a hair removal technology that utilizes broad-spectrum lights with several wavelengths. This means that the light is spread over a large treatment part since it doesn’t focus on the specific hair or part being treated. On the other hand, laser hair removal treatment uses a single light wavelength using a laser and focuses on the specific hair or area that needs treatment.
  • When light is subjected to the skin, the melanin pigment directly absorbs it into the hair follicle. The absorbed heat interferes with your hair growth cycle. The focussed light during laser treatment targets particular hair follicles in a specific treatment area. On the contrary, light from an IPL targets a broader area due to the scattered light. The required heat to destroy hair follicles cannot be reached easily, and therefore, it cannot be an effective hair removal procedure compared to laser.

During an IPL treatment, the surrounding skin tissues may absorb. Since IPL involves scattered light and doesn’t focus directly on the target, it may require high energy levels to destroy the hair follicles, resulting in skin damages like pigmentation, burning or blistering. On the other hand, light from a laser treatment targets the specific hair follicles on a specific treatment area. Hence light cannot be absorbed by surrounding tissues, and the skin will not be affected.

  • Every person’s hair grows in varying cycles. Laser hair removal treatment can’t determine the different stages of the hair cycle and can only destroy a small percentage of the present hair follicles. Therefore, you may require approximately 6-8 laser treatment sessions for optimum results. On the other hand, IPL utilizes weaker and spread-out light and doesn’t work on targeted hair follicles. This means it can only destroy fewer follicles at each session, and you may require additional sessions to get satisfactory results.
  • Cost

Laser hair removal needs advanced technology, and the equipment used during the procedure comes at a high cost. Nevertheless, the procedure is highly effective in removing unwanted hair and reduces your hair removal appointment, saving you some money. However, the IPL procedure requires additional sessions for optimum results. This means you will spend more on an IPL procedure than a Laser procedure.

  • Safety

Laser lights are more potent and only works on the targeted hair follicles without damaging the surrounding skin tissues. IPL lights are not stronger than lasers', and you may require more sessions to remove unwanted hair. This exposes your skin tissues to more light and stress and will take a little longer to heal.

  • Pain level

Laser treatment tends to use more concentrated light, which may cause some pain that IPL machines. However, current laser hair treatment equipment is customized to give maximum comfort. They have an in-built cooling system that blows out continuous cool air during the laser procedure, reducing your pain levels.

Is laser hair removal permanent? What are the side effects?

Laser hair removal is not a guaranteed permanent hair removal treatment. Some people may experience hair regrowth after the treatment, while the hair can be resistant to the treatment in others.

There are some common side effects after laser hair removal, which may include the following:

  • Mild swelling around the hair follicles
  • Temporary skin pigmentation
  • Skin redness around the treatment area
  • Irritation that may result in blisters
  • Scarring

What are the short and long-term effects of laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal treatment tends to work effectively on individuals with darker hair than their skin completion. This may result in some people experiencing fantastic hair removal outcomes in the short term. The outcome may vary from one person to another based on their skin and hair complexions, the treatment area and commitment to the treatment sessions.

Long-term laser hair removal may become more evident within a certain period. Some people may not experience any hair regrowth, while some may experience barely visible hair to the eye. Therefore, laser hair removal may result in substantial hair reduction on the treatment body areas in the long term.

Laser hair removal treatment leaves your skin with increased sensitivity to UV rays due to the strongly concentrated wavelengths in the short term. Our practitioner may advise you to avoid exposing the treated area to direct sunlight for about two weeks to give your skin enough time to heal.

After successfully finishing your laser hair removal treatment sessions, you may notice the hair regrowth is different from your original hair. The re-growing hair may seem finer or softer than your previous hair and may also be less visible in the long term. Still, the re-grown hair will be easier to remove when you decide to book another treatment in the future.

Does laser hair removal cause any sort of damage to your skin?

Skin irritation/redness:

Since laser hair removal damages the targeted hair follicles, your body may develop some reactions and experience skin irritation and redness around the treatment areas. You may feel some tenderness, tingling and slight swelling. These reactions are usually temporary and will disappear within time. You can get some relief from cool baths or placing some icepacks on the affected areas.


Some persons may experience some crusting in the treatment parts after a laser hair treatment. Crusting can be pretty uncomfortable, and it’s advisable to apply a moisturizer on the affected parts.

Skin pigmentation

The skin color of the treated areas may change and appear darker or lighter after laser hair treatment. If you have light skin, the treated body part may appear darker, while your skin may appear lighter if you have darker skin. The skin pigmentation is temporary and will disappear fade away within time.

Injuries to the eyes 

Laser hair removal treatment uses powerful lasers, which can cause eye injuries when removing hair from the face. It’s recommended that you put on protective eye equipment during the procedure to protect your eyes. The practitioner should put on the protective equipment too.

Skin infection

Laser hair removal causes damages to the hair follicles and increases the risk of skin infection in the treatment area. If you notice any sign of infection, you should immediately report to a practitioner for prompt medical attention.

At O De Rose, our skilled laser removal practitioners can diligently and effectively perform the procedure at the highest level of comfort. We have first-class equipment for maximum safety for a smoother body skin free from coarse and disgusting hair and help you achieve your body’s confidence.

We have a team of professional, experienced and friendly practitioners, and you can get in touch with us today and enjoy a hair-free body. Call us now!

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Botox: Slimming Your Jawline

Most people are under the impression that neurotoxins, such as Botox™ & Jeuveau™ for example, are simply used for paralyzing the muscles in your forehead to prevent one from forehead wrinkles. Well, we’re happy to inform you that neurotoxins can do more than just that!

Neurotoxins have been widely used for sweaty palms, ridding of migraines, brow lifting and more. But if you have struggled with a wider and rounder face as I have, neurotoxins to your masseter muscle may help you gradually slim down your jawline. The masseter muscle is power and superficial quadrangular muscle that’s along the lateral surface of your mandibles (the upper and widest part of your jaw). About 30 units of neurotoxin are injected into each side of the face to help retain and relax those muscles from naturally expanding outwards, especially when you smile, giving your face a slimmer appearance.

In my personal experience, I’ve noticed my jaw began getting slimmer and slimmer over the past several years of getting neurotoxins injections to my mandibles. My face is naturally round, but smiling made my face appear even wider, sometimes making me look and feel like I have a “chubby face”. It wasn’t until about 6 months in after I initially began receiving Botox treatments that I learned of injections to the mandibles. This was a game-changer. In fact, it was my cousin who introduced me to this treatment – I was aware she had some work done but also noticed that her face was a nice “diamond” or “triangle” shape. I’ve always known her face to be a little round like mine, and if anything, her jawline was one of her dominant facial features so it was to my surprise when she revealed that she had been receiving neurotoxins to the masseter muscle for a couple of years at that point.

Another reason why I love this particular procedure is that it also may help with TMJ. While most aesthetic Doctors will inject for aesthetic purposes only, it surely helps if you’re experiencing tightness and constant clenching of the jaw. So, if you’re getting treated for some mild TMJ with neurotoxins, you may notice that your jawline may become slimmer over time. This is an extra perk, especially if you’re ok with the possible outcome. But make sure to discuss this option with your physician and seek their suggestions as to what may be best for you.

If you have been considering an affordable way to achieve the look of a slimmer face, this would be a great way to start. Not only would this treatment help you over time, but it won’t break your bank and leave you with stitches along with a lengthy downtime, unlike any surgical procedure.

The speed to the results is different for everyone, but you should begin to notice changes between 7 to 14 days. And how often should you get it done? Perhaps every Botox appointment you go to (every 3-4 months) may be ideal. Some may require the treatment more frequently such as in between main Botox appointments, but for myself personally, I ask for the injections to my mandibles at each appointment I attend to make sure I maintain it.

Injections to the masseter muscle is also a great option to include in addition to PDO thread lifts procedures for the jawline. This combination is one of my personal favourites. While the PDO threads do the work of lifting and tightening up the jaw and neck areas, the neurotoxin does the job of helping narrow down that widest part of the upper jaw. Though it takes 4-6 weeks to see the full results of the PDO threads, you should notice the changes to the mandible area as the swelling and tenderness subsides.

Keep in mind that neurotoxin treatments are not permanent but with consistency, you can maintain the appearance and results may gradually become long-term as long as the treatments go on. Make sure to ask your physician or injecting nurse if you’re an ideal candidate for this and how often they recommend treatments to fully achieve the appearance you’re going for.

If you’re in Southern California and would like to consult with a Doctor regarding this process, reach out to our offices located in Riverside and Tustin, CA. If you’re in Vancouver, WA. or Portland, OR. area, reach out to us and ask for our next availability in Portland. Call or text 951-888-3339 for more details.

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When you walk into our med spa, you deserve the best in luxury with top-of-the-line products and brands. We're honored to serve our clients with the highly acclaimed Biologique Recherche. Treat your skin with finest rejuvenation and repair serum available.

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    French Cosmetics & Anti-Aging Medicine

    French Cosmetics & Anti-Aging Medicine

    Known as “The Beauty Artist” by his patients for his sculpting talent, our sought-after doctor is board-certified, and one of the best in Orange County. He brings expertise in critical care medicine, anesthesiology, and aesthetic medicine.
    Dr. Assif has a background in anesthesia, anatomy, and molecular biology research. At Ô de Rose, he’s a medical doctor and director. When you’re in his hands, you can expect a well-informed, gentle, painless experience.

    Aesthetics Specialist

    Aesthetics Specialist

    Nada specializes in skin services and is committed to providing stellar service at Ô de Rose med spa. As co-founder and managing director with a focus on beauty and wellness, Nada is your dependable go-to for skin services, which range from laser services to injections.
    With her passion for the beauty industry, Nada ensures that all of her patients have access to top-of-the-line beauty products, cutting edge services, and treatments that produce natural, youthful-looking results.

    French Cosmetics & Anti-Aging Medicine

    French Cosmetics & Anti-Aging Medicine

    Known as “The Beauty Artist” by his patients for his sculpting talent, our sought-after doctor is board-certified, and one of the best in Orange County. He brings expertise in critical care medicine, anesthesiology, and aesthetic medicine.
    Dr. Assif has a background in anesthesia, anatomy, and molecular biology research. At O de Rose, he’s a medical doctor and director. When you’re in his hands, you can expect a well-informed, gentle, painless experience.

    Medical Aesthetican

    Medical Aesthetican

    Nada specializes in skin services and is committed to providing stellar service at O de Rose med spa. As co-founder and managing director with a focus on beauty and wellness, Nada is your dependable go-to for skin services, which range from laser services to injections.
    With her passion for the beauty industry, Nada ensures that all of her patients have access to top-of-the-line beauty products, cutting edge services, and treatments that produce natural, youthful-looking results.

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